December 01, 2020

Board Information

Township Tax Collectors

TOWNSHIP TREASURER - Leonard Breasbois   Phone: 989-643-6703

DEPUTY TREASURER - Laura Breasbois   Phone: 989-643-6703

Tax Payment Info go to the Tax Link menu

​Property Transfer Affidavits, Principal Residence Exemptions, Personal Property Statements

Please Mail them to:

Grant Rames

PO Box 245, Hemlock, MI. 48626


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets at 6:30 pm on the Wednesday that precedes the second Monday of the month, in the Township Hall.  Special meetings may be called and posted as required, on the bulletin board at the Township Hall.


Board of Review

The purpose of the Board of Review is to correct clerical errors.  correct mutual mistakes of fact and correct Principal Residents Exemptions.

Appointments are not necessary, first come-first served.  Property owners may appeal by mail,  but must be received by board prior to meeting.  

All agents protesting values on property other than their own MUST have written authorization from ea. property owner they are representing.  

Handicap persons needing assistance to attend are asked to contact the Mt Haley Township at least 72 hrs prior to the meeting.

Once again as Spring approaches the tradition is strong to do our spring cleaning. This includes making our lots and yards debris free, no garbage,no junk, no unlicensed vehicles and no dangerous or ram shackled buildings, plus anything else that may be inappropriate according to our Zoning Ordinance.

We compliment the great majority of our property owners who work hard to keep their property looking wonderful. On the other hand we would request those few that do not, to please take this opportunity to abide by our Zoning Ordinance.

Mt Haley Township will be contacting those property owners who appear to have inconsistencies and/or violations with the Zoning Ordinance.

We request your cooperation in correcting these Zoning problems before you are contacted. We ask for your sincere efforts to correct any problems and/or contact Mt Haley Zoning Enforcement to inform us of your plans for corrective action.  Lets all work diligently to make our Township the best it can be.

December 01, 2020

Recycing and Trash

Republic Waste Services is Mt. Haley's solid waste/recycle contractor. 800-578-2664 or 888-872-7455 (If items are not picked up by 4:30pm, please call on the same day as pick up.)  If you need a new trash or recycling bins contact REPUBLIC at 800-578-2664  (You may use your own bins, all trash must be in black bags and recycling must be in clear plastic bags)

Trash collection is weekly every Thursday.

Recycling collection is every other Thursday.

Holiday's Schedule:

New Years; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving; Christmas. Holiday collection day is slipped one day.


The used tire recycling project has been an ongoing success. Keeping our Township free of tires and trash leaves an attractive view for our current and future residents. Please have tires drained of water before bringing them to the hall by drilling holes in the side or bottom.

Residents are allowed to place one appliance or large item in the weekly pick-up. Freon does not need to be removed from freezers or refrigerators, but please call Republic Waste, at the above numbers ahead of time to arrange pick-up.

Carpeting should be tied in six foot strips and bundled together. If you have more recycling material, than will fit in the Township container, the overflow amount can be put in a regular trash can. The can must be clearly marked that it contains recycling, or the can will not be emptied. A piece of duct tape that is marked and attached to the can is sufficient.


Items for collection should be placed at curbside prior to 07:00am on the day of collection. Large items may be taken to the Midland County Landfill at 4315 E. Ashman, Midland. (989-839-9577)

Hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm and Saturday, 8:30am-12:00 noon


Mt Haley Township residents are permitted one free 3 cubic yard dump per month which can include demolition and building materials.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection:

Midland County Health Dept (Call 989-832-6681 for an appointment.) Leave your name and number and they will call you to set up an appointment.

We also have a Township landfill located at the NE corner of Freeland and Meridian Roads, that may be used for the disposal of field stones, trees and brush only.

Township residents can contact any Trustee or Board Member for access key.

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