* Notice to Mt. Haley Township Residents*​

I just stopped by the hall and it is not fit for our meeting Sept 22 due to ongoing construction. Therefore we are going to have to cancel the special PC meeting for tomorrow.  Next meeting is the regular October meeting. 

Dave Wassmann
Mt. Haley Twp. Planning Commission - Chairman



Planning Commission is currently considering five changes/additions to township ordinances.  These five changes are:

  Small-Cell Wireless Communication (Addition)
  Residential Solar Energy (Addition)
  Residential Wind Energy (Addition)
  Commercial Solar Energy (Addition)
  Accessory Building Ordinance (Change)

Oral Comments may be given at the hearing, by email, by regular mail, or by appointment.
Contact Irene Peck with any comments:
4301 S. Meridian Rd., Merrill, MI 48637,
(989) 643 - 7546