Township Officials and Points of Contact

Phone 989-839-0123

Township Supervisor

Richard Keenan

Phone 989-643-6703

Township Treasurer

Leonard Breasbois

PO Box #245 Hemlock, MI  48626

Township Land Assessor &
Township Land Division Manager

Grant Rames

Phone: 989-513-1771

Township Planning Chairman

Dave Wassmann

Phone 989-835-1726

Township Trustee

Kenny Brown

Phone 989-643-6112

Township Clerk

Sharon Fleming

Phone 989-941-2501

Mon-Thur  8am - 1pm

Township Ordinance Enforcement

Jerry Nielson

1030 S Poseyville Rd

Midland Mi. 48640

Phone: 989-835-8866 Fax: 989-835-1785

Township Building Inspector

LaVerne Wyse

Phone 989-835-5984

Township Trustee

Richard Dougherty

Planning Commission


The Planning Commission meets at 6:30 pm on the Wednesday that precedes the second Monday of the month, in the Township Hall.  Special meetings may be called and posted as required, on the bulletin board at the Township Hall.



Dave Wassmann - Chairman - 989-513-1771

Irene Peck - Secretary

Deanna McClintic

Rod Kitzmiller

Ken Brown

Board of Review

The purpose of the Board of Review is to correct clerical errors.  correct mutual mistakes of fact and correct Principal Residents Exemptions.

Appointments are not necessary, first come-first served.  Property owners may appeal by mail,  but must be received by board prior to meeting.  

All agents protesting values on property other than their own MUST have written authorization from ea. property owner they are representing. 


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